Developing Human Solutions To Technical Problems

As the Web grew in popularity, so too did the bar to be competitive.

Luckily you don’t have you know everything, you just have to know us. Learn more about our company’s Mission, Vision, and Ethics. Or get to know Emma & Michael by watching their video interviews below.

The Unvetica Difference

Unvetica was established to develop human solutions to technical issues. We’re a staff of critical thinkers and engineers who aren’t restricted by technical specifications. From full-stack technical solutions to focused marketing techniques with quantifiable results – we have the knowledge and resources to be your in-house IT and Marketing departments. 

We’re not satisfied with just solving the problem, we like putting a pretty bow on it too. By understanding how your business works, we’re able to deliver a solution that not only works from a technical perspective – but also easy to interface with; something you’ll actually enjoy using that helps you reach your business goals.

From our inception, we’ve delivered human solutions to technical issues. With each problem solved we’ve accrued more and more industry knowledge. It is our strong belief that knowledge must be shared to have any value. That’s why we’ll always share all of the technical solutions made by Unvetica for free. Every project will be open-source based and available for the public to use as they please. 

It’s our vision that ‘tribal knowledge’ be a thing of the past, and for the curious to have access to our notes to see exactly how we came to our conclusions. There should never be a barrier between those seeking knowledge and the information itself. 

Together, we become stronger when we have access to shared resources. 

Given that we’re in the solutions industry, we make every effort to ensure that we’re not making the world around us any worse. No, this isn’t another tech company diatribe on how we’re here to secretly save the world. But we are interested in contributing to the future we’d like to see, and that starts with actually doing.

In the same way that you like to know where your beef comes from and if it’s from an ethically sound farm – you too should know where your data is, how it’s stored, and how it’s managed. 

In addition to not using any less-than-ethical third party resources, we have a dedicated in-house datacenter to support Unvetica’s mission-critical applications, infrastructure, and user data. This means you know exactly where your data is located – and we give you 100% access to it.

You can audit exactly which vendors Unvetica uses and in what capacity we use them, as well as update or remove individual user information on the Unvetica Blockchain. 

We’re completely transparent with who we are – and give you full rights to your data, simply because that’s how we’d want a company to treat us. 

How We Give Back

We wouldn’t have the level of success we do if it wasn’t for a multitude of help from various places, big and small. From the Open Source technologies that support our infrastructure to various online forums and blogs, we couldn’t have gotten where we are without those resources and a free & open internet. 

That’s why we donate 5% of our gross revenue to the following charity organizations; we feel they align with and advocate for the principles we believe in, and reinforce them for all to enjoy.


The Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT) is a champion of global online civil liberties and human rights, driving policy outcomes that keep the Internet open, innovative, and free.

At CTD, they believe in the power of the internet; whether that means facilitating entrepreneurial endeavors, providing access to new markets and opportunities, or creating a platform. 

Learn More About CDT

Girls Who Code

Girls Who Code offers learning opportunities for students and alumni to deepen their computer science skills as well as their confidence.

Their programs create clear pathways for alumni from middle and high school into the computer workforce. Additionally, they build a supportive sisterhood of peers and role models who help current students persist and succeed.

Learn More About Girls Who Code

Co-Owner & Lead Engineer

Meet Michael

If we had to boil my personality down to one phrase, it would be: perpetually curious. I remember always being driven by a need to know exactly how things worked and, more importantly, how to improve them – it never really mattered if we were talking hardware or software. 

I was inundated with computers and technology. I remember being 5 or 6 years old building my first PC with my dad; having him show me all the components and how they work together. I was completely hooked.

As my skills grew, my passion for computers evolved into problem solving. By harnessing the power and flexibility of technology, I was equipped to solve any problem. 

I love the thrill of being able to fix something. The constant chase for the next solution to an issue is a huge drive for me – and ultimately why we started Unvetica.