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Spadina Testnet Launch: An Ethereum 2.0 Dressrehersal



This morning at 4:30 AM Phoenix Time (6:30 AM CDT / 11:30 AM UTC) the Ethereum Foundation YouTube Channel broadcast LIVE the Spadina Testnet Launch. The Spadina Testnet is a unique event that will have a lifecycle of ~72 hours. This will serve as the last opportunity for Engineers, Developers, and individual stakers alike to practice submitting deposits and starting their validators.

The event was hosted brilliantly by “Superphiz” from the Ethereum Staker Reddit Community and joined by a cast of all-stars. Vitalk Buterin (co-founder of Ethereum) was present at the event and shared a few thoughts.

What is the Spadina Testnet About?

The Spadina (pronounced Spa-deye-na) Testnet is unique due to the fact that the environment will only be available for around 72 hours. The primary Testnet (Medalla) is still in use and will continue to be. Spadina was developed and launched to serve as an additional opportunity to practice submitting deposits and initializing the validator.

This process is crucial to know and understand before the Ethereum 2.0 Serenity Mainnet Launch. Without a proper understanding of how to correctly setup a Validator, you run a greater risk of your Validator or funds being compromised. Everyone is welcome to participate – however, understand the Spadina Testnet is specifically designed to practice for the above use-cases and not much else.

Spadina Testnet Launch Recording

The LIVE broadcast was This morning at 4:30 AM Phoenix Time (6:30 AM CDT / 11:30 AM UTC) on the Ethereum Foundation YouTube Channel. Unvetica was present along with an all-star cast from core Ethereum Developers to Vitalk Buterin himself. A recording of the event can be seen below.

Recording Timestamps

  • +00:00 – 01:46 – Starting Soon Page
  • +01:46 – 04:35 – Overview & Introductions
  • +04:44 – 05:25 – POAP Information
  • +06:13 – 08:40 – Danny Ryan on Ethereum Foundation & Version 2.0
  • +08:40 – 12:01 – Ethereum Client Teams (Prysm, Lighthouse, Teku, and Nimbus)
  • +12:01 – 13:50 – Afri Schoedon on Testnet history and goals
  • +13:50 – 20:13 – Camila Russo on Ethereum and her book “The Infinite Machine: How an Army of Crypto-hackers Is Building the Next Internet with Ethereum
  • +20:13 – 21:07 – POAP Claim Instructions for Spadina Testnet Event
  • +21:07 – 22:41 – protolambda on Research Developments within Ethereum 2.0
  • +22:41 – 27:49 – Vitalk Buterin on the Spadina Testnet Launch
  • +27:49 – 31:18 – Butta on walking through Launch Portal + Metrics
  • +31:18 – 32:30 – Genesis Block of Spadina Testnet
  • +32:30 – 39:00 – Spadina Testnet progression
  • +39:30 – 49:42 – Spadina Testnet Initial Conclusions