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Medical Marijuana Raspberry Pi Scale Project

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I have been looking for a relatively small project to bite into at home but I needed it to be something that when completed, would help me grow as a web systems engineer during my day job. After mulling a few ideas around I decided on the ‘perfect project’. I have another venture (This Life in THC), when development is complete, has a goal of helping negate the negative stigma surrounding medical marijuana. The project in general is to develop a custom Medical Marijuana Raspberry Pi Scale. Thus I call this officially the Medical Marijuana Raspberry Pi Scale Project.

The idea needed to be a Full-Stack project, so here is what I ultimately thought of doing:

  • Build custom Raspberry Pi Scale for Medical Marijuana
    • to be a custom built hardware build via Raspberry Pi 3 B+
    • To be built with daily use in mind
    • To be built with the ability to keep clean between strain weighing
  • Have the scale record weight, date, and time
    • Build MySQL database for scale to make entries
    • Needs to be a PHP/MySQL
  • Build Dashboard to access entries
    • Develop UI/UX to view, read, add, remove, and edit entries
    • Ability to Favorite a strain
    • Ability to add a ‘Tasting Profile’
    • Ability to add  a ‘Star Rating’
    • Ability to add ‘General Notes’
    • Ability to add ‘Smelling Profile’
    • Ability to add ‘Strain / Heritage’
  • Develop companion iOS app
    • Develop ability to add photo of Marijuana strain
    • Ability to sync Dashboard preferences

This project ‘ticks’ a lot of boxes in that I’m able to build something from scratch. Which is something I want to do in general – from a hobbyist standpoint. By having a scale that automatically records medical marijuana with a date/time stamp will aid in a custom application for This Life in THC.

Today the Raspberry Pi B+ arrived, and I’m beginning the process of researching how to interact with the device and being the initial development of the scale. Right now I’m going to being research using the documentation from Raspberry Pi’s website and use this tutorial as a crud guide to what I’m trying to achieve.

Updates to follow after I have established a better grasp on how to interact and configure the Raspberry Pi B+.

A believer in the pursuit of genuine ideas, the power of numbers and all that is the internet. Michael has been a full stack web systems engineer for 10 years. Focusing specifically on WordPress based systems, usability, UX/UI, and delivering Human Solutions in a digital world.

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