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Strata Defense


Strata Defense came to us with a fairly unique request. They already had a custom-designed Photoshop rendering of the website they’d like to have developed. Strata Defense wanted us to take the rendering and develop a custom WordPress website, pixel for pixel compared to the Photoshop rendering.

We were up for the challenge. Typically at Unvetica, we like to have a little more control with the overall development and design to ensure proper technical optimization and SEO ranking – so this was putting the cart before the horse so to speak. We started by engineering a custom framework to accommodate the rendering exactly how it was given to us.

After completing the custom framework, we developed the custom functionality. Then implementation of the navigation system and slider which informs customers and increased conversion rates by 18%. This was partly due to assisting with digesting Strata Defenses’ highly technical jargon – and translating to more easily understood language, and putting it on top of a dynamic and eye-catching Call-T0-Action Slider.

Next, we engineered a custom Customer Login Portal, for existing clientele to access a personalized dashboard. This allows Strata Defense customers to do the following:

  • View Account Information
  • Open Support/Emergency/Preventative Tickets
  • Contact Support Directly
  • Pay bills
  • Schedule Appointments
  • Check System Status


By allowing their customer base the autonomy to self-checkout and self-support, Strata Defense was able to free up their day-to-day support hours by nearly 40%!

Needless to say, Strata Defense was incredibly happy with their end result – knowing it was exactly how their initial rendering was and that their new website has such a positive impact to their customer base and bottom line.

A believer in the pursuit of genuine ideas, the power of numbers and all that is the internet. Michael has been a full stack web systems engineer for 10 years. Focusing specifically on WordPress based systems, usability, UX/UI, and delivering Human Solutions in a digital world.



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