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Puget Sound Entertainment


Puget Sound Entertainment came to us with a fairly common complaint; “Our current web developer isn’t responding to us, they take forever to update the site. Isn’t there an easier way?”

Answer: Yes.

We were overly excited to help Puget Sound Entertainment update their overall web presence for their inflatables and entertainment business. We started by obtaining all of the digital assets necessary for a rich and interactive experience for the customer.

A custom-built Product Catalog and Gallery was developed for Puget Sound which accomplished the following:

  • Established a level of professionalism
  • Allowed customers easy access to browse products to convert to sales
  • Increased overall conversion rates due to a turn-key ordering system


In addition to providing a new and custom product viewing system, we developed the system in such a way that allows for approved users to log into the system and change images, product descriptions, and prices on the fly. This eliminates the middleman and provides a frictionless atmosphere for Puget Sound Entertainment: one of the major sources of frustration on their end.

Next, we developed the new site to be 100% responsive – allowing for the best possible experience whether viewed on a desktop, tablet, or phone. No matter what, customers are able to access, view, and order on the new site which was not possible on the previously developed iteration.

Puget Sound Entertainment was extremely pleased with the end result – they’re now gaining more market share within their region, and outside markets as well with the improved SEO rankings due to the updated site.

A believer in the pursuit of genuine ideas, the power of numbers and all that is the internet. Michael has been a full stack web systems engineer for 10 years. Focusing specifically on WordPress based systems, usability, UX/UI, and delivering Human Solutions in a digital world.


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