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Beginning to learn Puppet Enterprise

Beginning to learn Puppet Enterprise What exactly is Puppet Enterprise, and how can I use it? One new initiative I’ve decided to take on at work is beginning to learnt Puppet Enterprise. To be transparent upfront, I know literally nothing about Puppet Enterprise outside of it’s general capabilities to facilitate scale-able solutions for automation, enforce […]

Projects, Puppet Enterprise / 13 Mar 2019

Image of Raspberry Pi B+ for a Raspberry Pi Scale project surrounded by various components strewn about a kitchen table
Medical Marijuana Raspberry Pi Scale Project

I have been looking for a relatively small project to bite into at home but I needed it to be something that when completed, would help me grow as a web systems engineer during my day job. After mulling a few ideas around I decided on the ‘perfect project’. I have another venture (This Life […]

Projects / 04 Mar 2019

SSL Certificates and why you need to have one

What is an SSL Certificate? SSL Certificates, or Secure Sockets Layer Certificates are fairly common across the internet. If fact, you may already be familiar with them without even knowing. Look up at the URL above, or any eCommerce site and you’ll see a green padlock with the words “Secure”. You’ll also see “HTTPS” instead […]

Web Standards / 27 Aug 2018

General Data Protection Regulation - Image of a man and woman looking over and discussing a user agreement
The General Data Protection Regulation and You

The General Data Protection Regulation and You The General Data Protection Regulation (or G.D.P.R.) is a new regulation in EU (European Union) Law, which supersedes the Data Protection Directive and has officially taken affect as of May 25th, 2018. The purpose of this new regulation is to: Clearly inform you that your personal data may […]

Web Standards / 20 Aug 2018

The Psychology of the Web

How the colors, words, and photos greatly impact your user experience The psychology of the web is now a thing whether we like it or not. It influences how much or little we interact with a website, our likelihood of return, and even our emotion associated with a particular page. It’s no longer pseudoscience. There […]

Digital Business Practices / 13 Aug 2018