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How to claim your first POAP

First POAP

What is a POAP?

Before we get into how to claim your first POAP, it’s important to know what a POAP is and why it’s valuable. POAP, which stands for Proof of Attendance Protocol is a digital badge that is awarded to someone as proof that they’ve completed an action or attended an event. Each POAP is specific and unique to that event or task.

Each event or task has a custom design POAP, meaning they’re quickly turning into rare NFT collectibles. Specifically, a POAP is an ERC721 Token which resides on xDAI.

Why should I care about POAP?

What if you could prove you attended DevCon 2019, or any event for that matter? What if someone could prove they knew how to code your website..or could prove they have any sort of skill? POAP are that solution.

Specifically, this is accomplished because you need to be physically present at the event to scan your wallet address, not only proving you were present but forever cementing that ‘transaction’ on the the blockchain.

What’s more, is that POAPs are many additional potential use-cases like Community Polls, Conference Discounts, Airdrop Targeting, VIP Parties, and more.

How do I claim my first POAP?

There are a few items you’ll need before you can claim your first POAP. You’ll need a Crypto Wallet address to connect to your POAP Wallet. Follow the steps below to download your first crypto wallet and Claim your first POAP.

  1. Download MetaMask
  2. Download POAP Wallet
  3. Connect MetaMask + POAP Wallet
  4. Claim POAP Code via Discord


Now you know what a POAP is, why it’s valuable, and how to claim your first POAP. If you’re interested to collect more, you can always look at the POAP Event Board as new events/POAPs are posted.

If you’re looking to have a POAP designed for your event or company, Unvetica designs custom POAPs. Fill out our online form here to hire us.