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ETH Online 2020: SuperPhiz Presents Staking for Beginners

EthOnline Staking

Intro to ETH2 & Staking for Beginners

On Friday, October 23rd, 2020 SuperPhiz presented the changes coming to Ethereum with staking and what it means for users during the ETH Online 2020 Summit. SuperPhiz goes in-depth to explain exactly what it means to Stake an Ethereum 2.0 Validator and the risks and rewards involved.

If you weren’t able to attend the LIVE event you can find links to a recording of the presentation, a download of the slide deck, and applicable resources discussed within the presentation. You’ll also find detailed instructions on how to claim an exclusive POAP for attending the LIVE event.

Helpful Community Resources

Join the ETH Staker Reddit, Discord, and/or Twitter Communities. The ETH Staker Community is an exuberantly friendly community where all are welcome to ask and learn about ETH2 and how to Solo Stake.

ETH Staker Reddit
ETH Staker Discord
ETH Staker Twitter

Resources Discussed During Presentation

ETH Staker Collaboration Program
Ethereum Studymaster Program

ETH Online Recording + Slide Deck Download

The full ETH Online presentation by SuperPhiz will be uploaded after 10/23/2020 17:00 EDT when the LIVE talk has been presented. Check back here afterward to view the recording and download slides.

Exclusive ETH Online POAP

SuperPhiz is awarding an exclusive POAP to those who attended the LIVE event on ETH2 and Staking for Beginners. A valid wallet address and the claim password is required to claim this POAP.

Once both claim password and wallet address have been submitted within the claim period the POAP will be automatically deposited to the provided wallet address within 24 hours.

POAP Claim Instructions

  • Enter the claim password provided by SuperPhiz during the LIVE event
  • Once the correct password has been provided, you will be prompted to enter a valid wallet address for the POAP to be sent to
  • You have 30 minutes after the LIVE event to claim your POAP

POAP Claim Form

The POAP Claim period is now closed. Thank you to all who watched SuperPhiz LIVE.