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Spadina Testnet Launch LIVE


Spadina Testnet Launch LIVE


If you were unable to attend the Ethereum Staker Community Call #10 covering the Spadina Testnet Launch – we’ve got you covered. This call will be live broadcasting the Spadina Testnet on September 29th, 2020 at 11:30 AM UTC.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Ethereum Staker Community Call, it’s an attempt to build an exuberantly friendly community by sharing information about Ethereum and to make Ethereum staking more accessible to the average user.

We accomplish this by sharing information on our community channels (Reddit, Discord, YouTube, Twitter) and produce these video Community Calls. Additionally, there is also an Ethereum Studymaster Program which is driven by the Ethereum Staking Community, and many other ways to get involved.


Community Call POAP

There is a POAP for viewing the live stream of this call, instructions on how to claim will be made during the call. You must be present during the time of the LIVE Stream to be eligible to claim the Spadina Testnet Community Call POAP.

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Recorded Community Call + Timestamps

On Episode #10 of the Ethereum Staker Community Call, we broadcast LIVE as the Spadina Testnet Launches!

[Recording of Community Call #10 will be published here once LIVE event is complete]

Resources Discussed During Community Call

Future Community Calls

Our calls are driven by community momentum, there is no set-in-stone schedule for the Ethereum Staker Community Call. However, We attempt to keep things as consistent as possible for easier consumption.

Updates will always be posted on our Reddit and Discord pages.

If you would like to be a guest, join the LIVE community call, suggest a topic, or otherwise participate – please feel free to contact us on one of our social channels or leave a comment below.